First things first: I am in no way associated with Genesis Mining nor am I getting paid by them to endorse their products or service. If you want to support me check out my Genesis Mining promo code page and get a mining contract today from just $25.

Hi I’m Will.

The reason I started this blog was that I couldn’t find any long term blogging series on whether cloud mining for BTC actually worked. I was interested in getting a contract and during the course of my research I found that there are a lot of individual forum posts of “this sucks, it’s a waste of money” and people saying that “the service actually works” and I figured I would put together a much larger compendium of my experiences so that anyone interested in cloud mining can see whether investing in a contract is worth their time and money.

My goal is to be completely transparent from reporting real time what I make to doing a cost analysis so that people can see whether I lose $$$ or actually make a profit. I’m not going to explain cryptocurrency, how it works or be an evangelist for any one coin over another, my goal is to present my experience in a beginner friendly, easy to understand format vs 100 page articles on the future of Bitcoin.

If you have any feedback, critiques, corrections, please feel free to drop me a line inbox [at] I’d love to hear from you.