Thursday August 3, 2017

Total BTC mined: 0.03752670
Total BTC mined USD: $104.52 (based on today’s current exchange rate)
Total Spent: $1891.50
Remaining to break even: $1786.98
ROI: 0.0552

I’m excited to announce my initial mining contract has surpassed $100 in total value based on current USD to BTC rates. We still have nearly $1800 to go before break even but given the frustration start, I’m happy to see that some progress is being made.

Unfortunately I have a double whammy of bad news, first BCC is being credited to Poloniex accounts which is the both good and right thing to have done, however all of my holdings were in alternative currencies at the time so I get $0. Second Poloniex where I have done all of my trading to date is now under enormous pressure as the site has been unreachable the last two days and online traders are panicking as ticket support times add up and fears grow the exchange is about to collapse (note: these are all anonymous posts and are not based on real world information).

While I have made a significant amount of money the last few days as investors flooded money back into alternative currencies, I wonder if I withdraw the funds right now whether they will ever be delivered to my account or whether they will be lost in the ether.

The good bit of news is that Bitcoin’s valuation has remained relatively stable over the last few days so my mining operations will continue to operate as planned barring any meltdowns or spikes over the hash difficulty rate.

Let’s hope for a solid weekend of gains to finish this week.

Today’s photo comes to us from Noel Poage