Friday July 28, 2017

Total BTC mined: 0.0
Total BTC mined USD: $0.00 (based on current exchange rate)
Total Spent: $1891.50
Remaining to break even: $1891.50
ROI: 0.0

First things first Genesis Mining announced they will resume daily payouts and that all missing payouts will be gradually credited over the coming days. My dashboard is still all 0 but hopefully I see the first payment within the next 24 hours so I can finally start reporting on whether this is or isn’t worth it.

Second everyone now appears to be betting on UAHF and getting the BCC dividend as I call it and that’s pushed prices up another $150 to just below $2750 as money is rushing in and people divest from other coins. The side effect of the rush to convert everything back to BTC is that secondary currency has been hammered as people rush to move their money.

Of the top 50 currencies 48 are down with just two gaining (Bitcoin Dark and Bitcoin Plus 18 and 87% respectively). I think that presents an incredible buying opportunity as money is siphoned from alt coins to BTC and I expect this buying opportunity will only continue to get better over the next few days.

24 Hour Winners

24 Hour Losers
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Today’s picture comes to us from Geoff Llerena